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[[Agent #12, Fooker, and Ki are discussing what happened the night before the wedding]]
Agent #12: Although it has been passed around several times, the only fingerprints on the letter appear to be Nick's and those present here.
Fooker: Can you tell what happened last night in his apartment?

Agent #12: Jason apparently dropped him off around 3AM. He then had a brief conversation with Ki before he--
Ki: Wait a minute. Conversation? We didn't talk last night.
Ki: After we left the church, Sharon and the girls took me to her apartment for my bachelorette party. I didn't get home until after four.
Justin: Voice print analysis clearly marks it as your voice.

Ki: Although I'm curious to know what this mystery is about, let it be known that I don't care to have my private conversations secretly recorded.
Justin: Wait 'til you find out what you're getting for your birthday.

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