General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Good Trudy: I apologize for my appearance. I practically went through hell to get here. I also apologize for involving Yoshi. He wasn't my first choice of contact, but he proved to be the most opportune.

Ki: Who exactly are you?
Good Trudy: I am Trudy Trueheart, but not the one you are familiar with. I lead a small band of patriots seeking to liberate my world from an oppresive tyrant.

Good Trudy: I am well acquainted with the "evil" Trish you encountered, as she was from my world too. And if one of your agents could bring in their "guest" as this involves her as well, I'll try to explain.

Good Trudy: You see, just as "evil" Trish was the "opposite" of the "timid" Trish you once met, I am the "opposite" of this woman, the Trudy you first met seven years ago.

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