General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Lord Nick: It's time to check in on our progress. Duchess? Can you hear me? What is your report?

Duchess Ki: No progress yet, milord. I've been trying to keep him busy, off-guard and disoriented. He hasn't had any sleep since he arrived, aside from the brief anesthetic to transfer him from the landing zone to here.

Duchess Ki: He is showing evidence of the strain, but he still resists, and I think he suspects something isn't right.
Lord Nick: Really?

Lord Nick: Curious. Perhaps he isn't as blindly trusting as we thought. Refresh yourself on the surveillance footage of your counterpart. Your performance must be believable.

Lord Nick: I will initiate our fail-safe plans, just in case. By whatever means necessary, I will obtain this man's secrets...

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