General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Nick is in a forest, sitting against a tree. He holds a sword in his right hand.]]
Nick, thinking: Time to take inventory of the facts. I know "Ki" convinced me into the MUTEX as a pre-wedding stress reliever. Ignoring for now the blatant sexual overtones...

[[The forest is no longer visible. Only part of Nick's head is seen, and behind it is an empty room, with no visible doors or windows.]]
Nick, thinking: I have a vague memory of an all white room, then a blank, followed by finding myself here. I can't prove it, but I suspect I made an unscheduled intermediate stop. Unscheduled by _me_, that is.

[[Back to the forest.]]
Nick, thinking: The sensory experience is different here, kind of like my first MUTEX experiment. That was true VR, with that odd sense the reality wasn't quite right, even if it looked it. I never got that after I hooked it up to Velociraptor...

[[Nick holds the sword in both hands and looks at the blade.]]
... After it became an interdimensional transport. So I'm _not_ connected to the MUTEX anymore. I'm in a true virtual reality, but whose, and where?

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