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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Thursday, February 2, 2006]


[[Nick is in a forest, sitting against a tree.]]
Nick, thinking: Deducing my true location would certainly be easier if I had the MUTEX's remote, but it's missing... Along with my watch and PDA. My "host" must want to keep me unplugged.

[[Nick frowns and puts his hand to his chin, concentrating.]]
Nick, thinking: And she chose a low-tech fantasy setting to minimize my chances of hacking the VR. Clever. So I have to play her game for now. At least now I'm actively playing and not just being played.

Nick, thinking: I can't let her know that I know. If she knows that I know, she might change tactics. But how do I know she doesn't know that I know? I know she knows that I know I'm "in" the MUTEX, but does she know that I know she knows that I know?

[[Nick puts his hand to his forehead. His face looks partly tired, partly sad.]]
Nick, thinking: Oh _NO_... Now I'm doing bad comedy routines by myself in my head. Maybe I am getting a bit too exhausted...

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