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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Saturday, February 4, 2006]


Nick (to himself): Alright "Ki". Time to play your little game
Nick: Kithinera! The elven council of elders told me you were to be banished!

Ki: Banished from Ethendale, yes. But I do not care. I want to travel to Sternhelm with you.
Nick (to himself): One last test...
Nick: Don't you mean SternHOLD?

Ki: Of... course. My mistake. SternHOLD. Your people shall be my people. Your gods shall be my gods. As long as I am with you, that is all that matters.

Nick (to himself): And so she fails. Ki would never miss a detail like that. So "Ki"... game on.

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