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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Everyone is gathered at the church as Fooker brings Trudy in]]
Trudy: Heh... Um, hi, Ki.

Fooker: Trudy turned herself in to the UGA a couple days ago. That's how I knew that other woman couldn't be her.
Trudy: That's right. I've been in a nice comfy cell for... "other woman?"

[[Trudy sees Alternate Trudy for the first time]]
Trudy: Eep... I'm... I'm beside myself.

[[Alternate Trudy turns to face everyone else]]
Alternate Trudy: While I'm sure you would all like to get reacquainted, I'm afraid time is not a luxury we can afford to waste. So if you can get settled, I'd like to begin my explanation.

[[Everyone but Alternate Trudy sits down]]

[[Trudy sits next to Ki, with a look of profound regret on her face]]

{{title text: General Protection Fault - To Thine Own Self Chapter 3}}

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