General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The wedding party and UGA agents are assembled in a room. Trudy from the alternate universe addresses the group.]]
Alternate Trudy: What I am about to tell you will most likely be difficult to comprehend, but if what I've heard about this group is true, the bizarre is often routine here.

Alternate Trudy: "Timid" Trish, like the Trudy Trueheart sitting among you, is a true inhabitant of this universe. "Evil" Trish and myself, however, are not. We come from an alternate universe, similar yet vastly different from your own.

[[Agent #18 scowls. Ki and Trudy turn around to look at him as he speaks.]]
Agent #18: Alternate universes? Dont tell me we're supposed to fall for this science fiction crap...
Ki: Keep an open mind, Agent #18...

[[Trudy looks sad, or perhaps rueful.]]
Ki: If you had experienced some of the things we have, then her "bizarre is often routine" comment would make a lot of sense.
Trudy: Try talking to your future self sometime.

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