General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Ki addresses Trudy from the alternate universe, who looks stern throughout the strip.]]
Ki: We've learned through the MUTEX that alternate dimensions apparently exist. If Nick's superheroes have their own universe, why can't there be other versions of _us_ somewhere?

Alternate Trudy: Precisely. From the very limited information I've gleaned from my travels, there could well be an infinite number of universes in existence. Each one could be a minute variation upon another.

Alternate Trudy: Given enough permutations, vast differences can occur. Enemies become allies, heroes become villains. An innocent joke about taking over the world becomes a sinister threat, then a terrible reality.

[[Ki becomes wide-eyed with surprise.]]
Alternate Trudy: I'm afraid, Ms. Oshiro, that your adversary in this mystery will be both strangely alien and as familiar as looking in a mirror...

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