General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Ki appears astonished. She addresses Trudy from the alternate universe.]]
Ki: Are you saying... your universe's version of _me_ kidnapped Nick?
Alternate Trudy: Yes, although she was not the mastermind of the scheme.

Fooker: Then who, pray tell, is?
Alternate Trudy: Emperor Nicholas the Puissant, the counterpart of your Nicholas Wellington.

Alternate Trudy: In fact, many of you in your "alternate" forms are a part of his oppressive regime, a world-wide totalitarian government that rules through terror and fear.

Dexter: Nick as a fascist dictator? _That's_ definitely hard to swallow...
Fooker: If he doesn't have a goatee, I'll be sorely disappointed.
[[Patty glares at Fooker.]]

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