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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Saturday, February 11, 2006]


[[The GPF office in the alternate universe. Parallel Nick is sitting at a PC, frowning. Parallel Ki is sitting next to him.]]
Parallel Trudy, narrating: Then, one day, fate intervened...
Parallel Nick: You know, this world can be so screwed up sometimes. What it really needs is good leadership.
Parallel Ki: D@#* straight.

[[Parallel Nick and Parallel Ki are shown in silhouettes.]]
Parallel Nick: Maybe I should conquer the world and set myself up as supreme dictator.
Parallel Ki: Sounds kewl.

[[The two figures appear normal again. Parallel Ki raises her right hand, which holds a burning cigarette. Parallel Nick makes a fist with his left hand.]]
Parallel Ki: Can I be your Queen?
Parallel Nick: You can be Duchess of Europe. I don't share power.
Parallel Trudy, narrating: And so they did.

[[Back in the church.]]
Parallel Trudy: Using a serious of carefully orchestrated hacks, they gained control of all the world's financial markets via the internet.
Fooker: I knew it was possible!

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