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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Sunday, February 12, 2006]


[[As Nega Nick and Nega Ki look gleeful, a shadowed "F**k*r" stands in the doorway]]
Narrator{{Nega Trudy}}: Needless to say, gaining economic control over the world does not go unnoticed. It wasn't long before the UGA sent in their top agent, who was surprisingly close.

[[F**k*r counts some bundled dollar bills as Nega Nick smokes a cigar]]
Narrator: But Nick was cunning. He knew Barker well enough to know he could be bought. Before long, Nick not only had Barker on his payroll, but the entire UGA.

[[A man in a gray suit sees a man in a blue suit stabbed in the back, with a "N" insignia card in his hand]]
Narrator: With the paramilitary might of the UGA behind him, Nick soon gained political control as well as financial control. Officials who could not be bought were assassinated.

[[Some tanks with the N logo roll over cars as citizens flee in a city]]
Narrator: His forces met with heavy resistance in parts of the world where democracy flourished, like China. But those he could not conquer, he set out to utterly destroy.

[[Shows Nega Dwayne, F**k*r and Nega Ki. Nega Dwayne and Ki resemble their "alternate future" counterparts"]]
Narrator: As favors to those who helped him gain power, he appointed his former coworkers to high offices. Duncan became governor of Asia, Barker general of his armies and the secret police...

[[Back in the wedding chapel, Fooker asks Nega Trudy a question as Ki looks on]]
Fooker: Out of curiosity, did Barker still have the nickname "Fooker?"
Trudy: Same consonants, different vowels.

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