General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Ki: Hold on now. I could understand you crossing dimensions to get aid from Fooker and his secret agent pals, but the rest of us know nothing about deposing emperors. We're *geeks*. The closest we come to covert ops is playing "Rainbow Six."

Anti-Trudy: I don't think you understand, Ki. It's not your *skills* I need, it's your knowledge of *self*. One thing I have observed in comparing you to my universe's counterparts is that you are not "opposites" per se, but different parts of the same whole.

Anti-Trudy: My Ki gave in to an urge from which you restrained yourself. You made a mistake she wisely did not. You both run through the same logic processes, but with different outcomes. It is your ability to say, "If I did things differently" that I need.

Anti-Trudy: In all of us, there are moments of darkness and light. What shines forth is shown by the choices we make. You chose light, they dark. I need you to face your darkness within to learn how to overcome it.

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