General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Fooker: Okay, you've got a deal. We'll do anything we can to help get Nick back. There's just two stipulations.
Trudy: Name them.

Fooker: First we need a way to tell each other apart from our counterparts on your side.
Trudy: Since the emperor has what he wants, he's probably not monitoring you now. We can agree on a code word for I.D.

Fooker: Secondly, I want a group of UGA agents to go first to make sure it's safe for the others.
Trudy: While I agree your agents should come, the MUTEX can only handle six people at once. I insist on the core group going first.

Trudy: If we keep those helmets clear, you have an easy escape route home. If your scientists can replicate Nick's helmet hardware, another six can use Yoshi's clone. Do you know where the Oshiros...?
Justin Barker: Oh, we know where they live.

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