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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Wednesday, February 22, 2006]


[[Scott, Patty, Tim, Mr. and Mrs. Oshiro, and Charlie and Linda Wellington are there. Scott looks impatient while Yoshi is sitting.]]
Scott: wish we knew what was going on in there.
Linda Wellington: And who all those strange people were...

[[Patty turns to the guests as Ki and Dwayne arrive]]
Patty: They're coming out!
Ki: Mom and dad. Charlie and Linda. I need you to keep all the guests in town and handy. There may be a delay, but there's still going to be a wedding.

[[Dwayne turns to Tim, Patty and a hesitant Scott]]
Dwayne: We're going on an unexpected but brief business trip, so I need you three to
hold down the fort while we're gone.
Scott: Um, okay...

[[Agent #18 grabs a startled Yoshi's shoulder as Mr. Oshiro glares]]
Agent #18: C'mon, runt. We've got a special job just for you... Unless you want ma and pa to learn about your little virtual tour through the Kremlin's top secret databases...
Yoshi: I'll be good...

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