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[[Dark SUVs pull away from the church]]
Fooker (narrating): The main team will be the Trudys, Ki, Fooker, Dex and Sharon. The UGA guys will be group Two. Trudy prime will provide the landing Coordinates.

[[Dwayne watches over Fred as Fred demonstrates a control panel]]
Fooker (narrating): Dwayne, we need you to supervise Yoshi as he runs his Mutex so get with Fred to bone up on the controls. Fred will run Nick's Mutex.
Fred (to Dwayne): When all else fails, try "eenie, meenie, minie, moe"

[[Sharon packs while Ki contemplates bringing Mr. Pookel]]
Fooker (narrating): Pack light, but try to think of as many things that could prove useful as you can. The UGA will provide a small survival pack for each team member.

Fooker: And no using UGA spy equipment for personal use, Dex.
Dexter: But I was just going to find out who the sleeper Cylon will be in next week's Battlestar Galactica...

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