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Fooker [[to everyone in black jumpsuits]]: Okay, is everyone set?
Dexter: We're still waiting on Trudy... well, the _other_ Trudy...

Sharon [[hands on Ki's shoulders]]: Nick's suitcases, ready to go for the honeymoon... We'll find him, Ki. I just know it.
Ki: I... know. I'm just worried now that our plane tickets were non-refundable...

Fred [[to Fooker]]: All systems appear to be ready. I'm just not sure about these parameters "Nega-Trudy" gave us. They're more... um, "distant" than anything Nick ever programmed.

Nega-Trudy: You'll just have to take my word on it. I can't tell you how this contraption works, but I do know these settings are correct.
Dexter: What other choice do we have?

Fooker: Suit up, gang.
[[Ki and Dexter put on helmets]]
Ki: Hang on, sweetheart. We're coming.

Fred [[as Fooker puts on his helmet]]: Ya know, ever since this mess started, I've had that Star Trek "Amok Time" fight music stuck in my nucleus...
Fooker [[scowling]]: Push the button, Fred.

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