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Ki: Oh my.... is that....?
Alt. Trudy: Yes, I'm sorry I didn't prepare you, but this IS your brother, Yoshi.
Alt Yoshi: Hi!

[[Yoshi is stitting on the floor, covered in dirt working on some mechanical device. His tongue is sticking out of the side of his mouth, rather like a child focusing on a difficult task but with a smile one his face]]
Alt Trudy (off panel): Yoshi is a savant: while a technological genius, all of his other mental faculties are like a toddler. We suspect he suffered from a severe blunt trama as an infant.

Ki: L-like if a jealous older sister pushed him down the basement stairs...
Alt Trudy: Perhaps a choice made differently in another universe.

Sharon: Hold on now. If Yoshi's one of the good guys on THIS side of the mutex, does that mean--
Ki: We are NOT going there right now...

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