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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Tuesday, March 7, 2006]


Trudy 2: Pi and Planck are our ties to the Greys, who are ready to join us if they can be freed from their gulags.
Planck: We sneak back and forth easily, 'cause you humans can't tell us apart. [[Switches hats with Pi.]]

Trent 2: They are also our primary sources of information about what goes on in the palace. They were the ones who acquired the surveillance footage.
Pi: Which is a good segue into tonight's mission. [[Reclaims hat.]]

Trent 2: Excellent. What have you learned?
Pi: The prisoner is under tight security. Only the Emperor and his top advisors can get in. Springing him won't be easy.

Ki: Are you talking about Nick?
Pi: I don't know his name. But I know he's pretty important. I know the Emperor is personally supervising his interrogation.

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