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[[Trent talking to Planck]]
Trent: It will be dawn soon, so we dare not make a move now. But that will give you and your companions a chance to rest before the planning tonight. Planck, find our guests some lodging.
Planck: Aye aye, Sir!

[[Planck leading Ki, Fooker, and Sharon]]
Planck: It's not much, but we've got some bunks down the hall here. Some of you can sleep in me and Pi's room, since we technically don't sleep. A few others volunteered their rooms for you guys to use.

[[Dexter, Fooker, Ki, and Trudy talking]]
Fooker: Why don't you girls take this room, while the guys get the next.
Dexter: Assuming Ki and Trudy don't kill each other...
Ki and Trudy: Shut up, Dexter.

[[Planck talking to Sharon, while something in Ki's backpack startles her]]
Planck: This place is kind of cozy once you get used to it. If you see any phosphorescent green segmented worms crawling around, they're actually pretty tasty.

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