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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Friday, March 10, 2006]


Ki: Planck! It's okay! This is Persephone. She's from our universe.
Planck: It's from... so it's not...? I-I see...

Planck: Um... Never mind that outburst. It's nothing suspicious at all, really. It's just one of my... kooky alien idiosyncracies. Yeah. That's it. Nothing to be curious about at all. Gotta go now!
[[Ki is confused.]]

[[Planck sprints out of the room in front of a nonplussed Justin Barker, Agent #12, and Agent #18.]]

Agent #12: We're supposed to be staying in here with you. Was that...?
Ki: When we figure it out, we'll let you know.

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