General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Nick grabs Duchess Ki's wrist and they glare at each other]]
Duchess "Nega" Ki: LET GO OF ME!
Nick: Not until you tell me who you are and where this place is!

[[Nick leans closer]]
Duchess "Nega" Ki: W-what do you mean? I'm your girlfriend, Ki!
Nick: YOU ARE _NOT_KI! I think you've proven that well enough in the past several hours!

[[Duchess Ki struggles as Nick grabs her other wrist]]
Nick: You can't even get the names in her novel right. And _now_ I know what you're after. But why? What is it you want with Velociraptor?
Duchess "Nega" Ki: Let me go, or I'll--

[[The two stop and turn towards a mysterious voice- most likely Emperor Nicholas's- coming from outside the MUTEX.]]
Voice: That's enough. End the simulation. I'll handle this myself.

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