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[[Nick squints as the VR helmet is removed]]
Nega-Nick (off-panel): Carefull now. you haven't used your physical eyes for a few hours now. They need to adjust to the light.

[[The next panel shows Dr. Sehgal is writing on a clipboard as Nick looks on]]
Nega-Nick (off-panel): Allow me to introduce Dr. Sehgal, my chief medical scientist.
Dr. Sehgal: He is fine. Other than fatigue, I find no ill effects.

[[The camera pans, showing Nega-Ki removing her VR helmet]]
Nega-Nick (Off-panel): And I believe you have already met my colleague, although I hate to prove you wrong. Her name IS Ki Oshiro.

[[Nega Nick, bathed in shadows, looks at Nick as he picks up his glasses]]
Nick: And...You are...?
Nega-Nick: Your humble host. I'm sure you should recognize the face...

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