General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Nega-Nick steps onto the balcony, followed by a distrustful Nick]]
Nega-Nick: Step onto the balcony, Nick. I want to show you something...

[[Nega-Nick shows Nick the view from the balcony, revealing a near ruined city. No buildings appear to have come away unscathed from what has happened to it, though for the most part the buildings are still standing. Many have anti-aircraft (spacecraft?) emplacents, and look as though they expect an attack at any time. Nick looks shocked by the destruction.]]
Nega-Nick: Sadly, THIS is the world I come from. Ravaged by war, scarred by invaders from another planet. We TRIED to make peaceful contact, but you can see how THAT turned out.
We are on the losing side. Every day draws us closer to defeat and enslavement. We project an inevitable surrender in six weeks.
Nick: And what, exactly, do you expect from ME?

[[Nega-Nick leaves the balcony]]
Nega-Nick: Nothing short of being the savior of the entire human race. No pressure.

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