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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Alter-Nick: It was shortly after I created my version of what you call the Mutex that I learned I could peer into other realities. It wasn't long until I stumbled upon your universe.

Alter-Nick: I watched you carefully, as you seemed to have the same inventor's gene I had. Only more advanced. When I learned you too had created the Mutex, I was ecstatic. Then you did something I only dreamed of ...

Alter-Nick: With this marvelous Velociraptor device, your Mutex allowed you to cross dimensional boundaries. Nothing we could produce could generate that kind of power. It was then I realized your potential.

Nick: So you want to use my power source to defeat your alien adversaries.
Alter-Nick: [[evil grin]] Admittedly, my first instinct was more selfish. Think of the patent royalties that thing would bring in ...

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