General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Panel 1: Nick and Otherworld-Nick walk along a dark corridor]]

Nick: Where are we now? This almost looks like a prison...
Otherworld-Nick: It is, of sorts. This is where we interrogate our prisoners.

[[Panel 2: In the foreground, Alan Sedgewikki's alternate counterpart with a buzzed-looking face and bared teeth. He has some cables attached to his arms, some liquid oozes down his shoulders. Nick and otherworld-Nick watch him through a big window in the background.]]

Otherworld-Nick: Sadly, our alien adversaries resort to a very powerful form of mind control. This poor soul was captured while attempting to bomb a school. We try everything to free them, but...

[[Panel 3: Nick and Otherworld-Nick, now in the foreground seen from behind, look through the window at Sedgewikki who is lying in a chair. A figure in a protective suit works on him.]]

Nick: What'S the blue stuff oozing down his neck?
Otherworld-Nick: Residuals from their mind control apparatus. Once they gain control, it's nearly impossible to remove.

Suited figure: We've lost this one.

[[Panel 4: Nick and Otherworld-Nick. Nick looks shocked.]]

Otherworld-Nick: So you see our urgency. It's getting harder to tell friend from foe, so we need every edge we can get. So tell me Nick... Can I count on you to help save our world...?

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