General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Nick: You seem to be in a serious dilemma. Your enemies indeed seem powerful, and I'm sure I can be very helpful to you in defeating them.
EvilNick: Excellent!
Nick: Except...

Nick: Your story doesn't seem to add up. Here we are, in an opulent palace, with fine food and expensive artful trappings, while the rest of this city lies in ruins. That speaks volumes about your priorities.

[[The two Nicks face each other, both clearly angry]]
Nick: As _my_ Ki would tell you, I'm a terrible liar. Yet you've already tried to deceive me with _your_ Ki, and your silver-tongued appeal seems a little too perfect, like a certain other person who deceived me years ago.

[[Nick points to his evil twin]]
Nick: Trish never oozed anything except sexual innuendo, so I don't believe your claim that she's an alien spy. I'd more quickly believe her "master" to be somewhat closer to human...

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