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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Nick 2: You make dangerous claims, sir, with very little evidence to back them up.
Nick: And YOU have very little evidence yourself, Ming the Merciless. I need PROOF.

Nick 2: FINE. I've wasted too much time playing YOUR game. Now we play it MY way. Observe. [[Hits a button, and a panel opens.]]

[[Nick presses up against the glass.]]
Nick 2: This little device, like the Mutex, hooks directly into the brain to stimulate the senses, only usually the sensation is most unpleasent. Recognize the victim?

[[Ki is writhing in agony on a table. Nick glares at Nick 2.]]
Nick: That's YOUR Ki, not MINE.
Nick 2: Are you so certain that you'll risk her life?

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