General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Nick 2: Let's see, what sounds interesting? Make her feel like she's freezing to death? Being burned alive?
Nick: You'll torture your own girlfriend to make me help you?

Nick 2: Please. Ki may have shared my bed, but she knows her place. EVERYONE who serves me is expendable. Besides, you never established that she ISN'T "your" Ki.

Nick 2: I know... How about being drawn and quartered? A classic. [[Pushes button on remote control]]
Ki 2?: [[screams]] AAAAAAGH!
Nick: STOP IT! [[Presses up against glass]]

Nick 2: Giving in on the first button press? See, my way IS faster. One prisoner will be tortured to death in front of you for each hour you waste. Now get cracking.
[[Nick slumps against the window]]


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