General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Agent #12, "Maddie", sits in the background quietly observing.]]
Trudy 2: Trudy, I may not know everything that's happened to you since you joined GPF, but I know most of it. I also know the struggle you've been through these past three years.

Trudy 2: While SOME people may not believe you, I KNOW about your conversion, your change of heart. It may not be complete yet, but I think you're on the right path. Given time, I think you'll prove yourself to those who doubt you.
[[Trudy looks down in seeming shame.]]

Trudy 2: It won't be easy. You will face much prejudice, people who will believe your sins far too great to be forgiven. They will challenge you, mock and ridicule you, and believe you can never be redeemed. That's their short-sightedness, but your burden.
[[The two hold hands. Trudy's eyes are down and closed.]]

Trudy: That... sounds almost like the voice of experience...
Trudy 2: It IS. Like you, I made a change for the good. Like you, I must fight the darkness within me daily...

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