General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Trudy 2: Like you, I grew up rich and spoiled. My family was broken too, and I didn't have the love and nurturing I craved. Then, the dark voices came, spurring me toward selfish, greedy goals.
[[Trudy 2 bows her head in shame.]]

Trudy 2: Then my mother, in her own change of heart, told me of a younger sister, given up in adoption while I was still a chold. She begged me to find this girl and try to make things up to her before our mother died.
[[Trudy is startled.]]

Trudy 2: At first, I was annoyed. I had far more "important" things to do for myself. But the task changed me. I started looking outward instead of in, and when I found her, that meeting changed me forever.

Trudy: I have a sister too. I've tried looking for her, but that's hard to do while on the run.
Trudy 2: That's why I want to help you. I KNOW where she is, and I think she can help you as my sister helped me.
[[Trudy 2 lays a hand on Trudy's shoulder.]]

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