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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Trudy: You... You KNOW where my sister is?
Agent #12: Wait a minute... Trueheart has a SISTER?

[[Sharon enters, rubbing her eyes.]]
Sharon: Who's making all the racket? I don't care if I get any sleep, but KI really needs it. So can you guys hold it down a little?

Trudy 2: My apologies, but I'm glad you're here, Sharon. I have something to say that concerns you too...
[[Trudy 2 puts her arm around Trudy's shoulders.]]

[[Seen from the perspective of Sharon and Agent #12, Trudy 2 gestures toward the viewer, making who she is talking about seem ambiguous.]]
Trudy 2: Trudy, I want you to meet your sister...
[[Trudy is shocked beyond belief.]]

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