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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Sunday, April 2, 2006]


Sharon: Hold on now! I was adopted! So I CAN'T be Trudy's sister!
Agent #12: [[pointing at Sharon]] Bad news, Murphy...

Agent #12: So was I, and she just said Trueheart's sister was given up for adoption. That makes us BOTH potential candidates.
Sharon: We'll see about that. I happen to know my birth mother's name.

Agent #12: And that is...?
Sharon: Er, Esther Matusevitch. Either that or Elsbeth Diederich.
Agent #12: You're not sure?

Sharon: Okay, they both could be fake names. But I'm almost positive she's used them both. She's... on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
Agent #12: No wonder those sounded familiar.

Agent #12: I happen to know my birth mother's name as well: Gisela Wagner. I've done some research, and I know she lives in... What?
[[Trudy looks extremely rattled.]]

Trudy: E-Esther Matusevitch. That was one of Mom's many aliases...
Trudy 2: Actually, that was her real maiden name.

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