General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Sharon is running, with her teeth gritted in rage and tears pouring from her eyes. Fooker, with his eyes half closed and scratching his stomach, enters from a doorway.]]

[[Sharon collides with Fooker. Fooker looks awake and startled.]]
Fooker: Whoa, there, sexy lady! Where's the firewall?

[[Fooker looks concerned and puts his hands on Sharon's shoulders. Tears are still streaming from her eyes.]]
Fooker: Sharon? Hey, what's wrong? What happened?
Sharon: She... she's _lying_. It _can't_ be true. I _know_ it can't.

[[Sharon buries her face in Fooker's chest and puts her arms around him. She is shaking as she sobs. Fooker holds her, looking worried.]]
Sharon: It's... a lie... It _has_ to be... I _can't_... I... _can't_... sob...

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