General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Trudy reaches out to follow Sharon; Trudy 2 holds her back.]]
Trudy 2: Let her go for now, Trudy. That was a big shock for you, but a bigger one for her. You'll have time to talk later tonight.

Trudy 2: Right now, I want to finish OUR conversation. There's a reason I insisted that you come on this mission, and it has less to do with your friends needing your help than you needing theirs.
[[Agent #12 (Maddie O'Hara) watches them out of the corner of her eye.]]

Trudy 2: You came with the UGA team to see Barker, to apologize for what you've done. You knew it was too much to ask forgiveness, but you still had to express your regret, hoping he would pass it on to the others. You didn't expect to tag along on this adventure.

Trudy 2: But I see this as your chance to put words into action. This is your opportunity to make things right, and if not gain forgiveness, at least prove the sincerity of your repentance...

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