General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[A door into a dark room is slightly open, letting light shine in. Persephone pokes her head around the door.]]
Persephone (thinking): Sharon, Trudy, and Agent #12 are gone... I wonder if they went looking for food. I'm hungry too. This is a sewer, so I'm sure I can find something.

[[Persephone moves along a wall in the dark room, past some old jars and something that looks like the bottom of a drinking glass.]]
Persephone (thinking): I hope Fred won't be mad at me for stowing away. I just want to help, although I don't know what I can really do that will... huh?

[[Persephone pauses at a corner of a wall. Voices come from around the corner.]]
Planck: I'm telling you, I saw it with my own optic orbs. They said it was with them.
Pi: This could prove problematic.

[[In the background, Persephone looks around the corner. In the foreground, Pi and Planck are playing a card game.]]
Pi: The humans don't understand the danger they've put us in. I don't care what "universe" it's from. It must be destroyed.

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