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[[In the "Negaverse", the Grey aliens "Pi" and "Planck" discover Persephone eavesdropping on them. Planck dives to catch Persephone but narrowly misses her.]]
Pi: Grab it!
Planck: [Landing hard on his face] Oof!
Persephone: Oh my...

[[Lying on his belly on the floor, Planck draws a futuristic looking weapon.]]
Planck: I'll blast it!
Pi: No, you idiot! Not with a regular blaster. The ion charge could ignite some of the ambient toxic gases. Use the inertial variance gun instead.

[[Planck draws a bead on Persephone, who struggles to slither away.]]
Persephone: [Thinking] Gotta get out of here!
Planck: I've got you, you blob of sentient mucus!

Persephone: Not fast enough...
Planck: HA!
[[Planck fires the weapon, zapping Persephone. The slime mold suddenly accelerates, crashing uncontrollably into a nearby wall.]]
Persephone: EEP!
[[Pi rises to his feet.]]

[[Persephone slowly oozes down the wall and back to the floor. The shadow of one of the Greys looms over her.]]
Persephone: W-what just happened?
Pi: [off-panel] A simple bending of the laws of physics. Not that it will matter after we're done with you...

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