General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Emperor Nick: When are they coming? How many will be in their strike force?
Grinning Face in Shadow: Ah, don't get greedy on me, Nicky pooh. Don't forget our arrangement.

Emperor Nick: Yes... Feed me only the information you think I need, so long as I don't ask too many questions. That's worked well enough so far... for ME. I still don't see what YOU get out of this.

Grinning Face in Shadow: Me? I'm nobody important. My goals are fulfilled by seeing you obtain yours. I will reap my own rewards from your success. What I want is more intangible.
Emperor Nick: And that is...?

Grinning Face in Shadow: Chaos. Mayhem. Anarchy. Death. All the FUN things in life.

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