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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Tuesday, April 18, 2006]


Nick 2: You'll forgive me if MY goals don't seem to mesh with YOURS...
Voice from the Shadows: Of course. Why would YOU want anarchy? Nonetheless, my needs will be filled just the same.

[[The Face in the shadows changes from a smile to a frowning glare.]]
Voice: However, I will add one final warning: Do not underestimate these "alternates" from the other world. What they lack in your cunning and ruthlessness they make up for in courage and determination.

Voice: They are not aware of it, but I've dealt with them before. I once helped one of their number obtain the greatness she craved, only to have her power taken from her by a meddlesome teen. My pool of entropy was drained away.

[[The Face has disappeared.]]
Voice: They are annoyingly resilient. So use their character against them. That is their greatest weakness.
[[Nick 2 is scowling, lost in thought.]]

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