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[[Trudy and Ki sit across from each other at a small table. Trudy has her head bowed.]]
Trudy: I suppose you probably thought I said that as a diversion. After all, I've lied plenty of other times. Why NOT say I was in love with Nick as a ploy?

Trudy: But the past few years have taught me some very hard lessons. When I was at the end of my rope, helpless and suicidal, a man showed me a level of kindness I thought was impossible. And he reminded me of Nick more than I'd care to admit.

[[View is now of Ki, listening impassively.]]
Trudy: I think it was then that the full weight of what I said hit me. Yes, I did love him. He saw things in me that I had buried deep below selfishness and greed. And though I'd love to return it, I know I could never deserve him.

Trudy: So I want to prove I'm sincere by helping you get him back. Knowing the damage I caused to you isn't permanent is the greatest thing I could ever hope for.
[[Ki raises an eyebrow.]]

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