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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Enter Agent #18, Justin Barker, and Agent #12. Justin stretches widely.]]
Justin Barker: Yawn... I'd ask where the shower is, but in a sewer I'm not sure I'd want to know where the water came from.

[[A buffet line has been set out.]]
Dr. Nefu: I apologize for the choices on the breakfast buffet, but feeding all our guests meant digging into our emergency rations.

Dr. Nefu: [[offscreen]] Of course, they're old military rations, so they'll taste like cardboard, but at least it's cardboard that's good for you and lasts forever.
[[Trudy's hand meets Sharons as they both reach for the same dish at the buffet. They both start in surprise.]]

Dr. Nefu: [[offscreen]] Of course, if you don't like the selection, feel free to try the ? la carte menu over in the dumpster...
[[Sharon glares and turns away. Trudy bows her head in shame. Fooker looks at the pair quizzically, one eyebrow raised.]]

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