General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[A meeting is starting in Headquarters.]]
Trent 2: All right, people. Let's get this briefing started. You can eat while I talk.
[[Trudy 2 pins the small badge on Trudy's uniform.]]

Trent 2: The Greys have supplied us with a detailed layout of the palace. We will use their passage into the dungeons to get into the palace proper. That will put us into a Grey holding cell.

Trent 2: Once there, a sympathetic insider will let us out of the cell and into the interrogation block, which is where we suspect your friend is being held. You will free him and return to the cell and escape.
[[Trudy, Sharon, Fooker, Agent #12, and Ki listen attentively.]]

[[Trent 2 smirks.]]
Trent 2: The other team will create a few diversions... and a LOT of havoc. So the rescue team needs to get in and out ASAP. You won't want to be left behind once the shooting starts.

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