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Alter-Trent: Nefu and Nicht have whipped up a few more of their signature weapons, with more than a little help from the greys...

[[Fooker has been handed a gun; one of the UGA folks looks on.]]
Alter-Tret: These convertible rifles default to a charged plasma blaster, but in the event of an EMP or a drained battery, they will also fire conventional bullets with gunpowder.
Fooker: Shaweet.

[[Sharon and Ki are putting on headsets.]]
Alter-Tret: The headsets operate on an encrypted subnet of the Emperor's own military network. They will only hear mild static, while you should hear every word from both sides.

[[Alter-Chuck is holding a tray of small bottles.]]
Ki: What's in those round canisters?
Alter-Chuck: A few more surprises for the Emperor. He'll have a blast with these.

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