General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The briefing meeting is still going.]]
Trent 2: Nefu and Nicht will provide a few well timed network disruptions throughout the infiltration. This should keep them busy while giving you a clear path.

Trent 2: The plan is relatively simple and straightforward, but even the simplest plans can take unexpected turns. We won't ask you to risk your lives; we'll take the point and let you concentrate on your friend.

Trent 2: I'll warn you, however, that there is always the threat of an imminent alien attack. If that occurs, fall back immediately. We don't have the resources to fight on two fronts.
[[Fooker and Justin Barker exchange glances.]]

[[Trent 2 turns to leave. Sharon attempts to smile hopefully at Ki.]]
Sharon: We're going to bring him home, Ki. I just know it.
Ki: I hope you're right, Sharon.

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