General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Nick and Ki 2 look at each other from opposite sides of the viewing window. Nick tosses a tool over his shoulder in defeat.]]
Nick: If you're here to intimidate me to make me work faster, you're out of luck. I'm stuck.
Ki 2: Then take a ten minute break. You could use the rest.

[[Nick scowls in suspicion.]]
Nick: So this doesn't count as time wasted? No one will be executed?
[[Ki 2 looks at her wristwatch.]]
Ki 2: Not for another nine minutes and fifty-six seconds.

Nick: Huh... I'm surprised he gave you the authority to do that. He doesn't seen the type to delegate much. Quite the micromanager...
[[Ki 2 looks away.]]

[[Nick grins, understanding.]]
Nick: He... DIDN'T give you that authority, did he? Well, well... That rebellious streak is consistent after all...
Ki 2: [[ignoring him]] Nine minutes and thirty-nine seconds...

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