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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[The GPF gang is wadding through a narrow sewer corridor]]
Dexter: "What an interesting smell you've discovered..."
Sharon: Put a sock in it "Han Solo."

[[Close up of Pi a grey alien with a blue baseball cap up front, "Alternate Universe" Trudy behind him with Ki and Justin behind her]]
Ki: I assume that if I ask "Is it much farther?" we'll have a couple of hours of sewer slogging ahead of us?
Pi: Actually, we're here.

[[Pi peeking through vent]]
Pi: This is grey holding cell 5760F. This is where Planck and I are supposed to be held. It's a good thing they don't watch the cell during the hibernation cycle...

[[A large room with many grey aliens]]
Pi: That will make getting in unoticed a lot easier...

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