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General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[Comic for Saturday, May 13, 2006]


[[Sharon talking to Alternate Universe Sharon]]
Sharon: You... work for Emperor Nick?
Alternate Universe Sharon: EVERYONE works for the emperor if they want to EAT.. But I help where I can.

[[Ki talking to Alternate Universe Sharon]]
Ki: So I bet you're one of the emperor's top computer wizards.
Alternate Universe Sharon: Oh. Gosh no! I'm no good at all that high tech stuff.

[[Alternate Universe Sharon, continued]]
Alternate Universe Sharon: Technology Scares me. That IS, after all, how HE came to power. No, just give me a mop and a bucket. That's about all I'm good at. At least down here no one picks on me.

[[Ki talking to "our" Sharon]]
Ki: I guess we can tell where YOUR path diverged...

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