General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Fooker: If they've started shooting, we need to get a move on. UGA, split in half to the front and back. Keep the others in the middle.

Ki: The map says there's a block of cells ahead that doubles as labs for prisioner scientists. That's where Nick should be.
Trudy: That's a good ways off. We need to get truckin'.

Ki: I think we're now in the solitary confinement block. It says this is where the emperor keeps his worst political enemies.

Ki [[off panel]]: We better pick up the pace then. Don't want to end up becoming a permanent resident in here...
[[Dexter stops behind as he reads, shocked, the text on an electronic panel at a cell door: "PRISIONER FXB39L: SMITH, DEXTER, J"]]

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