General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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Justin: Look, don't touch that! How do you know your double isn't some homicial maniac or serial murderer?
Dexter: Even Better!

Justin: For all you know, he's just a harmless nobody the emperor keeps around to torture for fun...
Dexter: You heard Ki! This block is for the worst of the worst!

Dexter: Relax, Justin! I'm just going to open the viewing window and take a peek. It's not like he's going to sieze me by the throat and ---
[[Dexter presses button]] <<TSHT>>[[The panel opens]]

[[Alternate Dexter's Arm reaches through the slot and siezes Dexter by the throat. The arm is musclebound and the remains of a manacle and chain dangle from the wrist]]
Dexter: HRK!
Alternate Dexter: Go ahead, worthless worm. I WANT suggestions on how best to KILL you...

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