General Protection Fault: To Thine Own Self...

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[[Fooker and Agent #18 lead the group through the corridors, turning left as directed by Trudy. Sharon follows them, and Maddie also turns left. Ki turns around to face the last two people in the group, Trudy and Agent #7560. Trudy reads directions or a map from a PDA in her right hand.]]
Trudy: Looks like we take a left up here, followed by a right, then we head straight a few yards...
Ki: Hold on. Where's Dex and Justin ?

[[Ki, Sharon, and Maddie all turn to face Agent #7560. Maddie frowns.]]
Maddie: #7560, they were back with you...
Agent #7560: Sorry, #12. The big guy seemed to be lagging behind, and #6 hung back to speed him up. We must have lost 'em at the last turn.

[[Ki looks off to the right. Agent #18 is on her left in the background, and Fooker stands behind her right shoulder.]]
Ki: What now? Do we double back and check on them?
Fooker: This far in, it might be more prudent...

[[Blaster fire erupts. Sharon, Fooker, and Ki all look toward the front left where the blasts are coming from. Fooker pushes Ki away from the blasts, back toward cover behind a wall. Sharon's face peeks out from behind the wall. All three are wide-eyed with surprise.]]
Fooker: ... TO TAKE COVER!

[[Maddie, scowling, appears next to Sharon, who looks worried. Both are behind a wall, which protects them from the continuing blaster fire.]]
Sharon: I hope they have the same accuracy skills as their "Star Wars" namesakes!

[[Ki looks worried as she addresses Fooker, who frowns.]]
Ki: How are we going to help Dex & Justin _now_?
Fooker: Dex took on Mr. Inertia, remember? With Justin's skills, they'll be fine. It's _us_ I'm more concerned about...

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